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  • seahen

    Are these the data for your organic Google search traffic? Because they look like AdWords data, which measures spending and clickbaiting more than popularity.

    • Fluxity

      Its search engine keyword placement data pulled from Google Webmaster Tools but thanks for insinuating I’m trying to run a negative Adwords campaign I guess?

      • anonymous

        I’m pretty sure you’re aware, but there’s this huge “BFL fucked us over again” thread on bitcointalk.org. I think it would be great if you took the time to write a whole article about the FTC case after it’s over and done with (if not while it’s still ongoing).

        I’m a huge fan of your stuff. Keep up the great work!

      • seahen

        Google sends AdWords trial coupons to bloggers every so often, and I wouldn’t blame you for using it if you got one. (I got one back when I thought blogging could be a student job with decent pay.) I don’t think you can even give it to a charity unless the charity is new to AdWords.